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Termination of membership

Should you decide you no longer wish to be a member of the forum, your posts, threads and data will not be removed.  Deleting all posts made by a member – especially if the member has a substantial post count – will cause threads to become disjointed and illogical and diminishes the board experience for everyone. We will, if requested, change your username, delete your account email and/or any other information that may identify you within certain posts. 

Member Accounts

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Posting Rules

  1. The forum endeavours to be politically free and to maintain a friendly and casual atmosphere 
  2. Please be aware that the forum has a wider membership that may read your posts including representatives from spin-out companies, staff from the University of Nottingham including the IP Commercialisation Office and employees of Nottingham Technology Ventures.
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  5. Members should obtain prior approval from the Forum Admin Team before posting topics related to the University of Nottingham HR or IP policies or any items related to spin-out companies that may to be confidential such as equity, valuation or licence terms.  
  6. Any member deemed to bring Nottingham Technology Ventures or the University of Nottingham into disrepute shall have their account removed. 
  7. If forum members post topics relating to people, products or information from outside sources, then they should identify those sources.
  8. Unsolicited advertising or repetitive external commercial links or name posting will be removed. 
  9. Any duplication or quotation of posts made by forum members used elsewhere should only be done with the consent of the original poster. Be respectful and please ask the original poster first.
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  12. Members shall all be treated fairly and equally at all times. Any complaints that may arise should initially be made to a member of Nottingham Technology Ventures.